Our Story

Discover self-care

In life, it’s The Tiny things one does that make all the difference. Things we do in daily life such as not forgetting to add a hint of ginger to a cup of Chai (Tea) when we are not feeling well, or that extra dash of turmeric we put in daal (Indian Curry) to boost our immunity. These tiny acts of self-care have proven their effectiveness over the years and have been passed on like secrets within friends & families.

From the land of healing

We also happen to live in a land, that is full of secret herbal treasures. Because of our ancient texts, we have deep historical research on the science of life, which inspired us to take a millennial approach to it. We spent several years creating recipes that deliver the best possible care for human life. And now finally our products are ready, with the Tiny, caring, Secret elements, that infuse massive doses of self-care into our bodies.

Comes A Revolution

We have revolutionized your daily life by replacing the products you think you need, with the products you actually need. Each of them is a more conscious substitute to what you are used to and is loaded with the nice caring secrets you deserve. Each of them is a source of pride for us creators. Our Tiny Little Secret is now out in the open, and we hope you take care of it as much as they take care of you.

Now you're taken care of

The Tiny little we can tell you is that our products are a union of natural and scientific elements that together heal your mind and body, indirectly healing your soul.

The secret is in having a scientific approach

Since we’re revealing secrets, we want to reveal another secret which would also instill your confidence in us even more. Over the course of time, we have worked across various segments in the nutraceutical space to deliver the best for consumers. Our team of nutritionists, dietitians & specialists combined with .

An in-house R&D Laboratory develop consumer-driven products that demonstrate enhanced bio-availability, better efficacy & longer shelf life for discerning clients around the world. Thus you can be sure that all of The Tiny Secret’s products are highly effective and that of global standards.

Our Factory-The Not So Tiny Infrastructure

You are our priority, and we would never leave the responsibility of making self-care essentials for you on someone that is not us. That is why we have access to two high-tech Research & Development facilities and a committee of extremely skilled and experienced scientists, doctors, and pharmacists.

Hygiene is our top priority, we ensure a sterile environment at all our workplaces. At our packaging and distribution centers, we have epoxy flooring, SS equipment, and Air Handling Units, ensuring the safety of our consumers at every step of product development. With this world-class infrastructure, we are in a position to constantly work on new, innovative tiny secrets 24×7.