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Your daily detoxification with Honey Ginger Tea & Nimbu Soda Hangover Solution!

Considering current lifestyle, we dwell in a toxic world. More than over 2 million toxic substances and 25,000 new toxins are added to our environment every year. Even the modest  amounts of alcohol, our body are exposed to a cocktail of toxic chemicals. 

Toxins can enter the body through food, skin and lungs. The overtime accumulation of these harmful substances damages our metabolic processes.  

A detox is more of an approach and is generally used in situations like you eat a lot of junk  food or had too much to drink. The key is to understand your desired goals and choose the  appropriate approach that will help you reach them. There are many different diets available, but how does an individual know which one works the best for them? A detox can range from a one-day program to a weeks or lifetime depending on the person’s goals 

Detox your body the right way! Detoxification is a lifestyle change. It concerns with eating  healthy food along with maintaining healthy habits. Consistent efforts results in cleansing, nourishing and recharging of the body. 

Ways to detox your body:

Keep Yourself Hydrated: The most effective way of detoxifying your body is by consuming  plenty of water. Ideally be drinking 8 to 12 glasses on a daily basis. This will keep the  body hydrated and all the organs in best working condition. Drinking plenty of water is the  best detox cleanse and has other benefits such as keeping skin moisturized and youthful, hair  in healthy condition, digestion process running smoothly and so on. Hence it is important to  carry a bottle of filtered water. 

Get Sufficient Sleep: sleep helps your brain reorganize and recharge itself, apart from  helping the body get rid of toxic waste that has accumulated during the day. Lack of sleep  affects your body. It is unable to function to its full potential, this results in accumulations of  toxins over a period of time and this in turn affect your health. 

Just eat clean: Cut down on processed foods like fries, nuggets, burgers, pizza, packaged  wafers, sugary drinks & cold drinks. Reduce your intake of foods rich in sugar, salt, and  saturated fat, which aren’t toxins, but they also do not support your health either. Take a  break or reduce alcohol consumption.

The Tiny Secret’s Solution to a healthy rejuvenate body 

∙ Replace the “regular tea” with our Tea Totaler – Detox Honey Ginger ! ∙ To correct the negative effects of a frantic modern lifestyle, Detox –honey ginger Herbal  Powder is a perfect blend that is caffeine free!  

∙ Detox Herbal Powder/Infusion is a delicious blend of traditional herbs that helps  cleanse the body of toxins. 

∙ Blended with care from seed to sip, 100% natural 

∙ Authentic sourcing, Quality Ingredients, Sustainable packaging 

∙ Made out of 6 Traditional herbal infusion 

∙ Ready in just 30secs!  


∙ Acts as a blood purifier  

∙ Helpful in digestion 

∙ Enhances overall detoxification 

∙ Freshens the mood 

∙ Calms the mind 

∙ Hepatoprotective/liver detox  

∙ Anti-inflammatory!  

∙ Rich in antioxidants 

Ingredient information: 

Tea Totaler – Detox Honey Ginger

 Silymarin: active constituent of milk thistle, Traditionally used as Detoxicant ∙ Holy basil: one of the most revered herbs in the Ayurveda pharmacopoeia. It helps by  flushing out the toxins and cleansing the stomach by easing the digestion. ∙ Liquorice: a traditional digestive aid 

 Lemongrass: supports refreshment & proper bowel movement 

 Dandelion: a traditional diuretic herb 

 Ginger: Free radical scavenging, antioxidant, cytoprotective


Usage instructions: 


∙ Step 1: Fill a glass upto100 ml with hot or lukewarm water  

∙ Step 2: Pour the contents of The Tiny Secret Herbal Weight Management Powder into  the filled glass 

∙ Step 3: Stir well until you get a uniform mix  

∙ Step 4: Drink It 

Wizz of Fizz – Hangover Nimbu Soda

∙ Made with the goodness of researched herbal extracts to assuage the effects of  hangover! Wholesome Super foods!  

∙ Authentic sourcing, Quality Ingredients, Sustainable packaging 

∙ Quality/Tasty/Healthy/Convenient  

∙ Proven Ingredients, 100% herbal, 0% Contaminants, 100% clean  ∙ Health…..anywhere, anytime! 


∙ Enriched with herbs  

∙ Headache Reliever  

∙ Helps with dizziness 

∙ Say NO to Hangover mornings  ∙ Energises the mood


Ingredient information: 

Wizz of Fizz – Hangover Nimbu Soda 

 L- theanine: an anti-oxidant a substance that makes sure the free radicals cannot do  any damage to you!  

 L – cysteine: lowers levels of nausea, headaches and anxiety  

 B complex: Alcohol depletes B- complex, causing dirty hangover! Hence, Taking B  vitamins can help mitigate the body’s loss of B vitamins, also ease your hangover!  ∙ Alpha lipoic acid: neutralizes hangover symptoms by bringing down the body’s  pernicious acetaldehyde  

 Liquorice: Liquorice helps to increase immunity. Along with a hangover, alcohol  can also decrease your immune system.  

 Amla: helps increase body’s depleted vitamin C/ Vitamin C enriched  ∙ Milk thistle: best traditional hangover cure

How to use:  

∙ Step 1: Fill a glass upto100 ml RT/cold water  ∙ Step 2: Drop a tablet  

∙ Step 3: Wait for it to Fizz  

∙ Step 4: Drink It POP FIZZ DRINK

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