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Milk v/s Calcium – The Dairy Dilemma

Regarded as a complete food and a calcium powerhouse, Milk is the first food we consume since birth.

But did you know that against the 300,000-year history of our species, drinking milk is quite a new habit.When we are newborns, our bodies produce lactase, an enzyme that helps us to digest the lactose in our mother’s milk. However, for most of us this ends after weaning in early infancy meaning the Lactose in the milk won’t be fully digested by the time we are 5. Thanks to evolution we can now include this power house in our daily diet but to an extent!

So how many glasses of milk are needed to reap benefits of calcium and how many calories will that be?

Recommended daily intake of calcium for adults with a sedentary lifestyle in India is about 1000mg/ day which equals 3 to 4 glasses of Milk per day! Oh I can already feel the nausea. If you’re a fan of athlete biopic movies like me, you might have seen the actors downing this copious amount of milk which is practically impossible for us to follow in everyday life.


What was once healthy is in fact unhealthy?

One glass of milk contains:

Total Calories

122 Cal

Total fat

4.8 g

Trans fat

Monounsaturated fat Polyunsaturated fat Saturated fat

0.2 g

1.4 g

0.2 g

3.1 g


20 mg

Total carbohydrates

12 g


Dietary fiber




6.8 g


307 mg

*Approximate values.


Did you know that to burn these calories from one glass of milk will require you to walk 25 minutes? Now just imagine 3 more glasses will be needed to meet your daily calcium requirement which will be ONLY 66 minutes of walking!


The Bad fats:

           “The fat from 4 glasses of milk = 2.5 bags of your favorite Nachos”

Milk being an animal-derived food is a source of saturated and trans-fat both linked to cardiovascular diseases. They increase LDL- cholesterol which creates plaques in the arteries which is the major cause for arteriosclerosis which in long run causes myocardial infarction. Milk contains cholesterol which is known to deteriorate heart health. Also with the current lifestyle of late nights in the office, hurriedly rushing to work in the morning, and crazy parties on the weekends only adds problems to the ones already existing.


According to FSSAI statistics from 2011, 68% of milk in the country is adulterated. That means Two out of three Indians are drinking milk which is adulterated. Dirty water, detergent, fertilizer, bleach, paint and starch are some examples of adulterants. These adulterants are added to increase the quantity of milk but pose a serious threat to health and can even lead to diseases like cancer and kidney damage when consumed unchecked.


Hormones and antibiotics:

Many non-organic dairy farmers regularly inject their cows with artificial growth hormones to increase milk production along with antibiotics which has caused an increased risk of antibiotic resistance in consumers and WHO has been continuously warning of the rising antibiotic resistance across the globe. I’ll cover what it means and how to tackle it sometime soon in my future blogs.



Casein is a milk protein, which changes its structure when heated. This makes it harder to digest, leading to the poor absorption of milk calcium and other bone building minerals. So even though one is consuming a good amount of milk but is not getting any benefits.


Milk allergies:

Milk allergy is a food allergy characterized by an adverse immune response to one or more proteins found in cow milk. Milk allergy can result in anaphylaxis, a potentially
life-threatening condition. It manifests as acne, skin rash, eczema, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain or flatulence.


Lactose Intolerance:

Did you know why cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they LAC TOSE!!! (poor pun, sorry!)

Lactose is the sugar that is found most notably in milk. It makes milk “sweet” to the tongue. Lactose intolerance is caused by a deficiency of lactase, a digestive protein that is essential for the breakdown of milk sugar (lactose), because by the age of five, we have lost most of our capacity to digest lactose. So when such individuals consume milk it becomes really difficult for them to digest this milk and often causes an upset stomach, bloating, nausea, etc.


Why Natural Milk Calcium?

The Lactase persistence trait was favored by evolution but there are a lot of different sources of food, so it’s surprising that one source of food is so important to lead to an evolution? Drinking milk gave people a new source of nutrients. Like a coin with two sides, though consuming milk has some downsides, it has more benefits.


So to get rid of this dairy dilemma, The Tiny Secret came up with Natural Milk Calcium -a unique supplement that had all the goodness of milk with no downsides!


OMC! – Organic milk calcium:

Organic means that it is free from harmful chemicals, antibiotics, steroids, hormones and toxins. Organic milk calcium is a naturally-occurring milk mineral calcium from grass fed cow’s milk which is a food source consumed since infancy. This type of food calcium prevents the overproduction of the parathyroid hormone and may prevent osteoporosis. Milk calcium optimally provides for our calcium needs as it contains the highest concentration of calcium that is naturally best absorbed and utilized by the body. Organic milk calcium also contains a complete line of nutrients such as vitamins A, D and
minerals like phosphate, zinc, magnesium and copper. This makes Natural Milk Calcium 100% natural and organic.

Through the process of ultrafiltration, undesired parts of milk like Fats, sugars and proteins are removed. What is left over is milk minerals – all the goodness of milk which are incorporated in Natural Milk Calcium.


Like Bone Like Milk: :

When comparing the mineral content of bones to that of milk, you will be amazed at how identical they are in terms of the percentage content and ratios. Bones and Natural Milk Calcium have the same molecular structure. Natural Milk Calcium has Calcium: Potassium: Magnesium in a 2:1:0.3 ratio which is identical to that of bones making our product highly bioavailable in nature and readily accepted by the human body.


Elemental Calcium:

Natural Milk Calcium offers Ionic milk mineral complex with Pre-ionized and chelated formulation meaning that it has 30% elemental calcium with nano sized particle structure having dual adsorption mechanism of both trans cellular and para cellular calcium absorption. The elemental-ionic form makes sure that there is almost 100% absorption of the Calcium consumed, so 1-2 tablets of Dairical will really complete your daily requirement of calcium.


Supporting Minerals and vitamins:

Natural Milk Calcium is a complete formulation which includes Vitamin D, phosphate, magnesium and trace elements which supports better absorption of calcium and helps calcium attain its most potent state. Phosphate and calcium combine to form calcium phosphate, which makes up the hard bone matrix of bones and teeth. Phosphate helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones. Magnesium plays a role in influencing bone formation and fragility, calcium metabolism and maintaining calcium-regulating hormones. Vitamin D is known to increase absorption and bioavailability of calcium. Vitamin D’s primary role in calcium homeostasis is to improve calcium absorption from the gut.


Probiotics- the friendly bacteria

Probiotics are friendly bacteria of our gut which help in digestion, better absorption of nutrients and in having a happy mood. The star ingredient of Natural Milk Calcium are these added probiotics which help to maintain gut flora and aid in the breaking of the milk mineral complex to make calcium easily available. In most rock based calcium supplements, constipation is the most common side effect and creates a hesitation towards all calcium supplements but this not the case with dairical as the presence of Probiotics reduces Calcium induced constipation and lactose malabsorption. Probiotic bacteria prevent Phytic acid  to bind with calcium in the intestine and allow calcium to be released.


Enzyme action:

Natural Milk Calcium can also be consumed by lactose sensitive individuals as we are one careful bunch when it comes to new age formulations! We knew the challenges of the people, and predigested our milk calcium complex with lactase enzymes beforehand to make the Natural Milk Calcium tablets easy to consume even for the Lactose intolerant crowd. Also the probiotics present provide Lactase enzyme to neutralize lactose intolerance in sensitive patients.


All in all, Natural Milk Calcium is a Calcium superhero with the purest source of calcium – Milk! 

Also, before i sign off, here is a fun fact for you to remember:


                             “1 Tablet of Natural Milk Calcium = 1 Glass of Milk!”

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